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It takes a lifetime of learning to lead. But who has time to wait? Most managers weren’t born knowing how to lead, who leaders are, and what leaders really do. But it’s not their fault. Why should your organization suffer while sucky leaders learn by trial and error – and kill your organization from within – when this book delivers research-based, scientifically proven, low-risk, high-reward ways to make executives and managers better leaders? In an age of an ever-escalating war for talent, training leaders has never been more critical in the history of business.

Within every human is a leader capable of leading other humans. The more leaders we have—and the better those leaders perform—the greater return on investment we receive from our leader assets. The right leaders make it easier for the organization to fill jobs with the correct people, retain top talent, and keep employees fully engaged. Today, this is no easy feat, and paying higher wages isn’t the answer. When it comes to attracting and retaining better employees, it comes down to leaders fostering positive relationships at work.

Your Leaders suck

Bryan Deptula, Ph.D. wrote this book to empower you to take control of your present and future and give you practical wisdom to improve your life and leadership. Your Leaders Suck is written by a reformed sucky leader—someone who has been in your shoes and lived the best and worst parts of a leader’s life.  Why do I do it? Because I care, and you should care, too. Because I want you—and you should want for yourself—your employees and your organization to be better, more profitable, live your best life, and become your best-self.

Your problems are (a) your leaders suck and (b) because your leaders don’t know how to lead, your employees quit their bosses, causing you to hemorrhage money, knowledge, and productivity.

Your company’s ability to win the ongoing talent war hinges on the ability of your most important asset—your leaders—to get work done with and through people to create value, motivate their team to perform, keep employees engaged, attract and retain top talent, and make the company money.

What People Are Saying:

Many of the most valuable leadership lessons CEO’s learn throughout their careers come from mistakes we have made along the way, the setbacks and hard-won triumphs that have helped us in our ongoing pursuit of becoming better leaders. I wish I had had Dr. Deptula’s ‘Your Leaders Suck’ actionable steps long ago.   If you're serious about being a better leader, start here.
Sam Reese, CEO
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.
This is a wonderful read that draws on leadership research and blends the author’s personal experiences and development as a leader with the provision of practical strategies to develop your leadership potential. He starts with the problem – assuming we can lead with limited development – and shares how this can impact your leadership.  The storytelling woven throughout the book achieves the aim of meeting each reader somewhere in their own personal journey, to deliver “aha” moments of insight. Even a skeptic will find nuggets of truth and even enlightenment.  The strategies provided are thought-provoking and useful for self-development and coaching alike. Two statements in the book stood out for me that I will address immediately in my leadership:
Ethlyn Williams
PhD at Florida Atlantic University
Bryan Deptula's book, Your Leader's Suck!, succeeds where other leadership development books fail. The focus on self-leadership first is a refreshing approach to ensuring that leaders are well prepared to lead others. He demystifies the research on leadership and translates the evidence into clear guidelines. The book builds a solid foundation for improving leader-member relationships in the workplace.
Terri A. Scandura
PHD at University of Miami in Florida
"Your Leaders Suck' takes you on a journey from leadership challenges to personal resilience. Bryan's sets the stage for understanding the importance of self-discovery making this book a must-read for those seeking to lead and train others to lead effectively."
Chrissy Myers
Reluctantly Resilient
Remember, it is ALWAYS about the people. If you don't invest in your team, you can't succeed. Brian presents a methodology to build leaders who can deliver results
Bruce D. Werner
Strategic Advisor to Private Businesses
Dr. Deptula’s work can best be described as a Leadership Manifesto! His truthful and unvarnished approach to learning actionable leadership skills is revolutionary. According to Manilla recruitment, employee turnover is caused by ten reasons. At the top of the list is “Bad Bosses”. The truth works, all the time! Your Leaders Suck will help trainers, mentors, leaders, and aspiring leaders address eight of the top ten reasons for leadership failure.
J. Preston Jones, D.B.A.
 Professor of Management Campbellsville University in Kentucky