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A leader development program is a long-term developmental experience with the goal of increasing effectiveness in leading oneself, others, teams, and organizations. BKD Leaders offers dynamic leader development programs that apply research in leadership, management, psychology, and personal development. We create transformative developmental experiences that can be delivered onsite at your home office, or away at our retreat center.
We tailor the session to your specific needs by choosing from our curated list of transformational topics, or let us assist you in selecting the perfect theme. BKD Leaders will provide a dynamic and interactive professional development keynote, workshop, or strategic consulting sessions. Our leader development programs include effective personal and leader assessment tools, training, feedback mechanisms, workbooks, learning videos, reflections, executive coaching, and practical exercises to elevate leadership capabilities that accelerate growth and profitability.

How to Elevate Your Organization


Always Be Creating Value (ABCV)


To discover the leader within every client by delivering proven high reward, low risk, life changing Leadership Development and Coaching experiences.


We value developing leaders who – LEARN to be their best self, LEAD from within, LIVE with purpose.


Through discovery discussions and deep dive analysis, BKD Leaders diagnoses current leadership and organizational challenges and provides research based practical solutions that align with client’s financial and strategic goals.

Strategic Leadership Development

  • Discovery discussion, S.W.O.T. analysis of organizational strategy, and an evaluation of leadership capabilities
  • Needs and goals are assessed to create a customized profit-driven leader development initiative that elevates leadership across the organization
  • Delivered onsite at your home office, or away at our retreat center
  • Programs range from 6 months to 18 months with interactive in-person workshops and dynamic keynotes
  •  Focused on developing clients’ leader identity and the organization’s corporate leadership brand
  • Identifies and corrects motivation to lead, productive behaviors, leadership styles, and communication patterns
  • Maximizes Return on Investment


Our proven 3L (Learn, Lead, Live) mission has produced results that give you a return on your investment. We deliver practical solutions that create sustainable change and better leaders and organizations. Previous clients have achieved the following:

  • Higher quality relationships among Top Executive Team members (people who like – or at least understand – each other work better together)
  • Better leadership at all organizational levels
  • Improved communications
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduced costs in employee search, hiring, and onboarding
  • Identified high potential employees to develop into future leaders
  • Identified under-performing employees for training or reallocating
  • Streamlined systems and processes that led to a reduction in errors and spending while helping employees focus on core job functions
  • Conflict resolution

Executive Coaching

Why Should You Add Executive Leadership and Coaching to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI?)

Dr. Bryan Deptula can enhances your organization by providing a deep understanding of leadership theories, psychological insights, critical thinking skills, and a commitment to evidence-based practices, contributing to a more informed and impactful coaching experience.

Leadership Qualities:

  • Knowledge and judgment to accelerate organizational momentum
  • Vision to inspire others towards shared goals
  • Commitment, courage, and people focus for effective followership
  • Critical self-awareness, recognizing both strong and weak leadership skills


Unique Approach:

  • Aims to be a trusted advisor, fostering self-awareness and positive leadership changes
  • Focus on meaningful change using the action-reflection cycle and accountability

Dynamic Coaching Process:

  • Encourages being “loud and proud” about coaching
    Invites regular stakeholder feedback for real-time measures of success
  • Result-oriented coaching with sustained behavioral change as evidence of success

Company Run Retreat at Canalside Inn

Craft your agenda, and immerse yourself in productivity with our offering of 650 square feet of conference space, equipped with wireless technology and dedicated areas for breakout sessions. At Canalside Inn, we provide the ideal workspace for you to concentrate on achieving your business goals. This retreat option is designed for independent use, with or without facilitation from our team. Benefit from conference space accommodating up to 25 attendees and convenient bus transportation. Explore the possibilities at Canalside Inn