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Winning Conflict: Strategies for Successful Conflict Resolution in the Workplace


Conflict is an inherent aspect of workplace dynamics, stemming from differing perspectives, goals, and priorities among employees. While conflict can be disruptive, it also presents opportunities for growth, innovation, and improved collaboration when managed effectively. This white paper explores various aspects of conflict resolution in the workplace, including conflict styles, approaches to conflict, the doom […]

Answering the 1 Million Dollar question: Why should You Invest In Leader Development?

Why Should You Invest In Leader Development

UNDERSTANDING HOW OUTCOMES OF LEADER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS INCREASE PROFITABILITY Your Leaders Suck, profitability shouldn’t. We share why organizations should not only invest in leadership development but why it’s a strategic necessity. Organizations that invest in developing their leaders tend to outperform their competitors in employee performance, retention, and overall profitability. Effective leaders increase employees’ job […]

Maximizing Leadership Development ROI: Finding the Right Program Length

Return On Investment

As a leader, picking how long a leader development program should be is super important for boosting your team’s skills and getting the most out of your investment. Studies show that the length of the program really matters: longerones lead to better profits by turning execs and managers into stronger leaders. Johnson and Cartwright (2019) […]